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Kundentreffen 20. November 2019

11-20-2019 6:00 pm -7:00 pm
Kundentreffen 20. November 2019

This is a Treffen exclusively for clients. Feel free to join with your favorite Getränk. We'll hang out for an hour, chat in German, share resources, and enjoy the visit.

NEU: Wir treffen uns in der Konferenz!

NEW: We'll meet in the Konferenz, the new client video chat! Simply log in to the Client Portal and click on "Konferenz." Allow access to your video and microphone and you're all set.

Bis dann!

(Clients need only log in and then click "register." You will then be registered for this Kundentreffen.)

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Easy German Book Club: Weihnachtskrimi in München

12-05-2019 6:00 pm -7:30 pm
Buchgemeinschaft (Book Club!) Online Classroom
Easy German Book Club: Weihnachtskrimi in München

The Easy German Book Club is back!

Easy German Book Club is a place for German learners and enthusiasts to gather and discuss a German book, especially those of you who aren't part of a regular class or lessons.

In this A2-level session we'll discuss «Weihnachtskrimi in München», part of the Detektiv Müller series.


Weihnachtszeit in München und ein großer Auftrag fürs Detektivbüro Müller. Helmut

Weihnachtskrimi in Muenchen

Müller und Bea Braun sollen eine Kunstausstellung überwachen. Ist es Zufall, dass die Organisatorin den gleichen Nachnamen wie seine Jugendliebe hat? Oder ist es etwa die gleiche Person?


It's Christmas time in Munich and Detektiv Müller's office receives a big assignment. He and Bea Braun have to oversee security at an art exhibition. Is it a coincidence that the exhibition's organizer has the same name as his childhood sweetheart, or might it even be her? 

If you can read and understand the description, you will enjoy this session of the Easy German Book Club!