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Hallo! Ich bin Nicole! I am professional instructor for German as a Foreign Language. Nicole Warner


Have you started--and stopped--and then started learning German again?

Do Germans switch to English when you speak German with them?

Have you given up on all the apps?

Do you just need some help with your German homework?


You've come to the right place! Learn German from wherever you are because to get to your classroom, all you need is your computer and an internet connection.


Surprise your German friends with your speaking!

Finally you'll know when to use Akkusativ and Dativ.

Understand your Germanic customers' expectations and relating to them in their own culture.


How do online lessons work?

German is important to you, otherwise you wouldn't be here, so I've made learning German is as simple as possible.

We meet in an online classroom for your lessons. We see each other with clear video and hear each other over the audio, plus we share a whiteboard we can both write on. We both have the book in front of us.

It's so easy! Es ist so einfach!

Here's a snapshot of the classroom, an Adobe Connect classroom:

Capture Classroom


Speak like a German!

We use the newest books and materials that teach you German like Germans speak it. This includes really, really good German pronounciation. As a foreign language instructor for 10 years (and I'm also a classical singer so you will definitely learn what to do with your mouth), I help you speak German the way Germans do. Watch this video to start speaking like a German now:


Start speaking like a German now:

(N.B. This video is not privacy-enabled. If you do not want a cookie in your browser, skip this video.)


No more boring textbooks!

There's nothing worse than trying to learn from a German book that's totally boring. Or confuses you. Or worse--it only repeats things you already know. That's why we only use books specifically for learning German as a Foreign Language.

If you're an adult taking German, we'll choose a book for business if you have German customers, a book with plenty of travel skills for when you travel to Germany (or Austria or Switzerland). Are you just starting out in your career? There's a book for that, too!

If you're a teen learning German, we'll use a fun book just for you! Friends, cars, shopping, sports--it's all there. Plus, what teen doesn't love reading articles on German bands and the occasional game? It's all ready to go!


This will kill your fears:

A lot of people have had those kinds of teachers--you know, the ones that tell you everything you're doing wrong and maybe you're afraid to ask a question.

Me? I can't stand those kinds of teachers. I had those kinds of teachers, too, and that's why I promise you this:

You can ask me anything about German.

Seriously! Ask me anything about German--swear words, homework from 5 months ago, slang words you heard in the U-Bahn--anything. I'm not here to judge, I'm here to help you learn how to speak German. Period.

You can make up answers.

How weird is it when your German teacher asks you to talk about yourself except you don't even know them?! It's really weird! So you can just make it up! The funnier, the better, as you will remember it! Say you have blond hair if you are actually bald, tell me you live in Macedonia when you live in a small town in's not about telling your whole life story, it's about speaking German!


What you get in your tuition:

Let's be frank:  private lessons cost more than a class because you're getting one-on-one time with the teacher. And get this:  there's no one else in your class.

There's no one else asking questions you already know the answers to.

There's no one else in your class getting everybody off-topic.

There's no one else in your class hogging the teacher's attention.

And that's exactly why private lessons are so awesome:  it's all for you! All the time is yours, all the energy is yours, the focus is on YOU.

Your pace:

We work at your pace. No more waiting for someone else's question to be answered, no more getting frustrated when you don't uderstand something and the class moves on--if you need extra help on a topic, we stay there and work until you've got it.


How often you want:

We meet for 1 hour once a week. Some students take 2 lessons per week so they can learn faster.


Your own online classroom:

Your lessons take place in a dedicated, online classroom whic we use for every lesson. (And no one else ever gets to see.) You and I can type and edit text, highlight, draw, and make notes. Want to keep a copy of what we've done? Natürlich! Just export the whiteboard at the end of your lesson and refer back to it at your convenience. Learn more about the online classroom here.


Your homework gets emailed to you:

After every lesson you will receive an email with a quick run-down of your homework. So quick, so easy, and never lost.


You also get exclusive access:

Only current clients have access to the resources portal of this site, which was built especially for you. You have exclusive access to:

  • helpful learning tips
  • grammar charts
  • reference materials
  • extra vocabulary exercises
  • flashcard templates
  • Oh yes, and every now and again I send you eine kleine Ueberraschung! (A little surprise!)


What others are saying:


"S---- is really enjoying her lessons and learning from you! She's loving the different way of being taught and the freedom it gives her to do homework when she wants to - and she's having fun!"

Ellie S. in Minneapolis MN


"Nicole is the best kind of teacher there is --- serious, organized, supportive, and very funny. She understands right away what your needs are --- what concepts you're getting and what you aren't. Taking lessons from Nicole has been enjoyable and has given me the confidence to begin speaking German with the Austrians in my office.Online German with Nicole is also convenient and flexible. You can set a weekly lesson at a time that works for you."

Dan P
Minneapolis, MN


"When I moved to Germany four months ago, I barely could string a sentence together. Nicole's flexibility allowed us to focus on specific aspects of grammar and day to day communication, so that I rapidly became more comfortable and confident in my new surroundings.  Plus, drawing from her own practice techniques, and a wealth of printed resources, I have been able to acquire new vocabulary that I could immediately incorporate into my every day."

Frank in Karlsruhe



Lessons are 1 hour in length for 45 weeks per year.

Tuition is USD 192 or EUR 169 per month.

Tuition includes:

  • lesson time for everyone in your household.
  • your private, online classroom.
  • extra worksheets.
  • the Client Portal.
  • Kundenstammtisch: a speaking hour exclusively for clients.
  • a discount on Buchgemeinschaft.


Tuition does not include course books, which run c. $65 including shipping. Books last 6-18 months.

Read a price comparison of private German lessons and classes here.


 Tuition Payment, Lesson Cancellation, and Scheduling Policies:

Here is the fine print, summarized as succintly as possible.

  • All tuition must be pre-paid. Invoices are sent via email and may be paid with a credit or debit card by the 1st of the month. Late payments are subject to a $25 fee.
  • Your first tuition payment includes tuition for both your first and last month (the "reservation month"). A 30-day notice is required to end lessons. Failure to provide 30 days' notice results in a forfeiture of any paid lessons, including the last month of tuition. The reservation month is non-refundable.
  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or you will forfeit that lesson. If you are 15 minutes or later starting your session, it counts as a no-show and I reserve the right not to hold that lesson.
  • Emergencies and chronic cancellations (3 or more cancellations in any consecutive, 3-month period) will be handled on a case-by-case basis and decided at my discretion.
  • Clients with a lesson on Wednesdays must take a lesson the day before Thanksgiving (or ahead of time) or the lesson will be forfeit.
  • Clients with a lesson on Saturdays will have lessons on Saturdays the majority of the time, but will need to take some lessons during the week during the year.
  • Parents of German learners who are under 18 will be copied on all lesson emails, calendar events, and general correspondence. No exceptions. Parents of German learners who are over 18 and pay for the lessons can choose what they want to be copied on (emails and/or calendar events).

*** Update on November 9, 2018 ***

My lesson schedule is currently full and you can be put on the waiting list by filling out the form below. Please include your preferred days & times in "What would you like me to know?".

In the meantime, please visit the Events Page to join the book club and register for speaking seminars. And be sure to register for the newsletter (on the top right of this page), too!



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