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Hallo, ich bin Nicole! I'm the owner and instructor.

GermanWithNicole.com is for the serious(ly fun) German learner. Here you learn to speak German, not just talk about it. Here you learn to work from your strengths so you feel more comfortable producing spoken and written German and so you understand what you read and hear better and faster.

Here I take advantage of what technology has to offer:  you can be anywhere with an internet connection and learn more German. Whether you're reading the blog, taking lessons, or you're here for the very first time, there's something here for you.


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P.S. This is what one client says about her lessons:

“Nicole really helped me get back on track with my German studies after many years of dabbling here and there. As soon as I made the decision to get more serious about my studies, I contacted Nicole. She quickly helped me determine my starting point, and to define a structure that would speed up my learning process. She was flexible in allowing me to work at my own pace (I can get obsessive if I really get into something!), and as a teacher she is extremely attentive, patient, warm, encouraging and kind. In addition to video lessons with Nicole, I also benefited tremendously from all of the materials she makes available to all of her students on http://GermanWithNicole.com. Since your first teacher in a new language is perhaps the most important, I give Nicole my highest recommendation for impassioned German enthusiasts and learners of all levels.”

AvG, New York, NY

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05 Mar 2019 14:45
Will You Join the German Klub?

Are you like a lot of readers here who have said things like this?

I've tried all these apps, but I just can't get anywhere.

That software was really expensive, but I just don't understand it.

or maybe the worst...

I've taken 2 semesters of German but I can't speak it at all.

To me this is utterly unacceptable. You can't learn a foreign [ ... ]

Nachrichten / News
19 Feb 2019 14:27
Recap: German, the Language of Love

Dienstag Abend war es so weit! Und es hat so viel Spaß gemacht.

Tuesday evening was it! And it was so fun!

This was the first Sprechseminar (speaking seminar) and it was a blast! If you're thinking about joining us for a future Sprechseminar, this will give you a behind-the-scenes look that I hope will inspire you to join us in the future.

First [ ... ]

Deutsch lernen / Learn German
12 Feb 2019 14:32
Heute Abend: heiße Liebe

You won't hear this language in your regular German class.

Tonight ONLY, attend German: The Language of Love and learn how German has its own, wonderful ways of expressing love.

I'm putting in a few pet names you definitely won't hear in other German courses. This is the real stuff.

Spiele & Spaß / Games & Fun!