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GermanWithNicole.com is for the serious(ly fun) German learner.

GermanWithNicole.com started in 2013 with one student using a free video service…as a side-gig. It is now a professional venture providing excellent private lessons and small group classes at your pace, live and online, in a state-of-the-art online classroom.

There is a blog here where you can read regularly about the German language and Germanic things and you get four free eBooks on learning German more effectively when you sign up for the newsletter (scroll down for that). You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube.


Are you serious about learning German?

Since you’re here, you probably are. Herzlich willkommen!

This site is for everyone with that craving, everybody who wants to learn to speak German, get around the country while traveling, everybody who wants to speak with the locals in Austria and figure out what’s hot in Switzerland.


How did Nicole get here, doing this?

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This is a pretty unique business, so it’s worth some background information.

After finishing my Master’s in music, I moved to Germany and lived there from 2003 to 2008. I pursued my first career (classical singing) and taught English as a Foreign Language. I loved teaching English so much that in 2005 I got my English teaching certification.

But first I had to learn German. So let’s rewind to the beginning of my German learning.

In college I learned three words in two semesters of German. Was für eine Katastrophe! You can read about that here.

The summer before I moved to Germany, I had 20 hours of private lessons. These lessons were game-changers because my instructor taught me the foundations of German grammar.

So when I moved to Germany in 2003 and I attended the Goethe-Institut Düsseldorf for two months, my German language skills flourished. That instructor was also highly effective and he helped me make my way through the B1 and B2 levels.

It was then I discovered that my brain is a bit freaky because I became fluent in German in less than 6 months. It isn’t something I actually recommend, because it’s so much work it takes most of the fun out of it. It was really hard. But I had the opportunity, so I took it.

Fast forward to a few years later when I had the opportunity help other people learn German, so I in 2010 started teaching German classes. The students loved what they were learning and it wasn't work because it was so much fun. After a couple of years, I wondered if I could do it on my own, so I started teaching online in 2013 and everything started to take off. It was then I knew I was absolutely in the right place.

And so are you!

You get to have a seriously fun time learning German.

Whether you’re interested in reading all the blog posts or you are ready to start private lessons, you are welcome here! Join the hundreds of people from all over the world who visit every day to learn more about German and enjoy the learning process.

Start here by signing up for those four free eBooks on learning German more effectively:

Your information will never be shared or sold. Versprochen!

Danke, dass Sie gekommen sind!



More About Nicole:

German Language Skill:

Mastery:  Level C2 of the Common European Framework for Languages  (See also).


GermanWithNicole.com:  1503 hours (as of December 31, 2017)

Germanic-American Institute (2010-2015):  adult language classes, children's language classes, one-on-one lessons & tutoring. 700 hours


aatg logo TransparentAmerican Association of Teachers of German (AATG) - 2013 to present

I support the LearnOutLive independent online teachers directory.


Goethe-Institut:  Zertifikat "DaF Unterrichten" (Certification course for Teaching German as a Foreign Language), 2018.

Goethe-Institut:  Prüferzertifikat (Test Proctor Certification): A1:  Fit in Deutsch 1, A2: Start Deutsch 2, B1, B2, C1

CARLA Institute:  Using the Web for Communicative Language Learning, 2015

Autodidact:  Building Websites, Copy Writing & Newsletter Publishing, 2009-present

Deutschland:  5 years of Deutsch, Plattdeutsch, and Schwäbisch, 2003-2008

Goethe-Institut:  Mittelstufe II, 2003

Manhattan School of Music:  Master of Music in Classical Voice, 2003

Eloquia Sprachschule:  20 Einzelstunden, 2002

Augsburg College:  Bachelor of Music Performance, Voice, 2001


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