Client Testimonials

When you are hiring a German Instructor, it's important that you have an idea of what other people think about their lessons and--most importantly--their progress! Here is exactly what my clients say:


"It's much easier and more fun than I thought it would be."

Jonathan in Portland, OR

Nicole notes: Jonathan took Comfortable German 1, a 12-week class for absolute beginners class with me. I will be offering Comfortable German 1 again!


"A down-to-earth and real-life experience of learning German and understanding that everyone's situation is different and everyone learns differently."

Julia in Milwaukee, WI


"Nicole is a fantastic teacher! She is organized, knowledgeable, supportive and patient. I am a classical singer and voice teacher with specific goals to move to Germany and I have found that Nicole has tailored each lesson to achieve the goals that I have. Nicole provides the grammar lesson with the add-on's of culture, music, the do's and don't's in the German culture and makes the language and lessons relevant! She also incorporates different methods of learning styles and different learning tools, adjusting to my learning style. And to add to it all, she makes it FUN! I am excited and inspired after every lesson, despite the challenges of learning a second language.

Brava Nicole! I am very excited to continue working with you!"

Jessica T
Calgary, Canada

Update:  Jessica subsequently attended the Franz Schubert Institute in Baden bei Wien, Austria, and has since moved to Berlin.


"She is teaching German via Skype for my daughter and it's going so great! She has an amazing online setup, very professional & knowledgeable and at the same time she is making it fun for her students! Great find!"

Corinne A., Los Angeles CA


"S---- is really enjoying her lessons and learning from you! She's loving the different way of being taught and the freedom it gives her to do homework when she wants to - and she's having fun!"

Ellie S. in Minneapolis MN


"Nicole is the best kind of teacher there is --- serious, organized, supportive, and very funny. She understands right away what your needs are --- what concepts you're getting and what you aren't. Taking lessons from Nicole has been enjoyable and has given me the confidence to begin speaking German with the Austrians in my office. Online German with Nicole is also convenient and flexible. You can set a weekly lesson at a time that works for you. If a conflict arises, give her notice and you can always reschedule."

Dan P
Minneapolis, MN


"She teaches German language and she teaches pronunciation skills and listening skills. With reading she teaches comprehension. She recommends movies and books and festivals. She is very nice and interesting. She is patient. Highly recommended."

Barbara M. in Boston, MA

"Fun and enthusiastic tutor. Nicole's fantastic blend of great German knowledge as well as useful insight to help with pronunciation are just what I was looking in a tutor!"

Kopriva, Winston Salem, CA

"Love our lessons - Nicole is a great tutor! I love our lessons! She is very patient, always answers any questions, very supportive! Our lessons are very productive and because of her being such a great professional, I am doing better and better with the German."

Irina, Saint Cloud, MN


“Nicole really helped me get back on track with my German studies after many years of dabbling here and there. As soon as I made the decision to get more serious about my studies, I contacted Nicole. She quickly helped me determine my starting point, and to define a structure that would speed up my learning process. She was flexible in allowing me to work at my own pace (I can get obsessive if I really get into something!), and as a teacher she is extremely attentive, patient, warm, encouraging and kind. In addition to Skype video lessons with Nicole, I also benefited tremendously from all of the materials she makes available to all of her students on Since your first teacher in a new language is perhaps the most important, I give Nicole my highest recommendation for impassioned German enthusiasts and learners of all levels.”

AvG, New York, NY

"Great tutor, very responsive and knowledgeable. - Nicole was a great tutor to my 13 year old daughter. She made the lessons fun while teaching the material. I highly recommend her if you are in the market for a German tutor!"

Nicky, Saint Paul, MN


"When I moved to Germany four months ago, I barely could string a sentence together. Nicole's flexibility allowed us to focus on specific aspects of grammar and day to day communication, so that I rapidly became more comfortable and confident in my new surroundings.  Plus, drawing from her own practice techniques, and a wealth of printed resources, I have been able to acquire new vocabulary that I could immediately incorporate into my every day."

Frank in Karlsruhe