Speaking Seminars: Sprechseminare

NEW IN 2018:

Sprechseminare (Speaking Seminars)

Starting in 2018 you can start taking Sprechseminare, Speaking Seminars on various German topics! Each Sprechseminar will be unique, it will be 90 minutes long and in a small group format. The focus of each seminar will really be on speaking German.

Each Sprechseminar will have a level designation based on the A1-C2 system (known as the CEFR) set up by the European Union. If you're not sure what your level is, fill out the form below and ask for an assessment test. I'm happy to send you one!

The online classroom allows me to hold a regular meeting and I can send you off into breakout rooms, so you can speak in a small group and we can speak in one, large group, too. Because it's so flexible, we have many choices for effective German speaking exercises.

At first the Sprechseminare will be very simple, like practicing introductions and talking about where you live. Later I'll add some meatier topics. There will be one topic per session. So far I'm considering:

  • numbers: telling time and making appointments; cardinal numbers and the preposition am
  • learning strategies: how to learn der/die/das
  • make friends with Dative prepositions
  • das Perfekt: Present Perfect practice
  • Verben mit Präpositionen
  • improve your German pronunciation
  • learning strategies: vocabulary

And I'm also interested to hear which topics you'd like to see covered! If you need some practice on something, you can bet someone else will need help, too.



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