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Reward your students and add a fun element to their homework assignments with German praise stickers!

Each set contains 5 sheets of removable stickers, just like the ones pictured here. There are two different sheets of stickers.

Aufkleber 2015

     AufkleberSet Sample


Surprise your students

Use them as a winning item for a game, on tests, as an incentive for homework assignments, extra credit, or just because.

Students get so excited to see a sticker on their paper or even better yet--when they get to choose one.

Reward learning breakthroughs

Give more than 1 sticker when students have major breakthroughs. This helps students understand what they've just accomplished, when you say "Super gemacht! Take 2 stickers!"

Use these stickers with all ages

Teens, adults, and yes even the 60-year-old accountant likes them! (He went home and showed his grandson!)

Here's what you get:

Each set contains 5 sheets of stickers and is mailed via United States Postal Service 1st class mail anywhere the US Postal Service ships. Your shipping cost will be automatically calculated at checkout. Add 5.5% sales tax if you are in Wisconsin.

I process all orders within 2 business days. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I'm happy to answer them!




Neue Posts am Blog | New Posts on Das Blog

16 Feb 2018 14:52
New in 2018: Speaking Seminars, Diction Coachings, and Book Club!

I almost forgot! Here I was going to dive into the next blog post series on understanding the different levels of German learning (A1, A2, B1, etc.) and then it hit me--I forgot to tell you what's new this year!

Three good things!

New Thing #1: Sprechseminare - Speaking Seminars

This year I'm introducing Sprechseminare or Speaking Seminars to help [ ... ]

Nachrichten / News
09 Feb 2018 15:40
4 Reasons Minimalists Should Learn German (And Why German is Easier than English!)

If you are already living with less or a minimum amount of possessions, or would like to, this philosophy works in your favor when learning German. Experience a language which is significantly more predictable than English; German is a great language to explore!

You'll also discover here how, in many ways, German is actually easier than English. I [ ... ]

Deutsch lernen / Learn German
26 Jan 2018 15:39
Read the Top 7 Posts of 2017

What happened with the blog and you reading the blog and my newsletter last year was fantastisch! And to top it off, what happened a couple of weeks ago was incredible. I've heard from several readers that they've set a new goal for 2018--and they only set one!

One person is reading the A1 books like I mentioned here and here.

Another person is repeating [ ... ]

Nachrichten / News