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Do you need help with your German homework? Does your child need extra practice for their German class?

You're in the right place! Learn German Online with Nicole provides professional tutoring for teens and adults who need some extra help making the progress they need in their German classes. We meet online in the Learn German Online Classroom, so you can be anywhere--at a friend's house, at home, at the library while you're studying. There's no need to drive anywhere, just jump on the internet and away we go!NicoleWarnerHeadshot eyes5x5

Are you new here? If so, be sure to read the About Page to get the run-down of my background as a professional language instructor.


German Tutoring with Nicole:

You bring your questions, I'll bring the answers! Tutoring is to help give German learners a boost and to answer their questions along the way. So as long as you bring your questions (and your book, of course :) ) I'll answer your questions and get you back on track.

 Personalized attention:

We proceed at your pace. If you need extra help on a topic, we stay there and work on your skills until you've got it.


Take individual sessions or get a discount on 4.

One session is a quick-fix, four sessions is real help. To really ensure you are learning the material, take four sessions and receive a 10% discount.


Secure access to the online classroom:

I used to use Skype and then I found a much better solution. Your sessions take place in a dedicated, online classroom with video, audio, screen sharing, and a shared whiteboard. That means that both you and I can type and edit text, highlight, draw, and make notes. Want to keep it for studying later? Natürlich! Just export the whiteboard at the end of your lesson (I'll help you) and you can refer back to the notes from your session at your convenience. Learn more about the online classroom here.

Here's a screenshot:

Capture Classroom 

Transparency + parents = smooth sailing

After every session you will receive an email with a quick summary of the lesson and any extra exercises or resources that will help you further. Parents are copied on all emails and calendar events to tutoring students. That way you and your child are in-the-know and on the same page all the time.

I encourage parents to be in the room and/or check in during a tutoring session. This way you can pick up a few pointers yourself and see the quality of the learning that's taking place in real time. Parent and student questions are always welcome, as I consider it an ongoing conversation about the your child's German progress.

What do Nicole's tutoring students say?

"She teaches German language and she teaches pronunciation skills and listening skills. With reading she teaches comprehension. She recommends movies and books and festivals. She is very nice and interesting. She is patient. Highly recommended."

Barbara M. in Boston, MA

"Fun and enthusiastic tutor. Nicole's fantastic blend of great German knowledge as well as useful insight to help with pronunciation are just what I was looking in a tutor!"

Kopriva, Winston Salem, CA


"Great tutor, very responsive and knowledgeable. - Nicole was a great tutor to my 13 year old daughter. She made the lessons fun while teaching the material. I highly recommend her if you are in the market for a German tutor!"

Nicky, Saint Paul, MN

Tutoring Tuition

One 60-minute tutoring session is $35.

There is no registration fee, there are no hidden costs. You pay your tuition and we meet online for your lessons. Das ist alles!


 Your Lesson is my Business, Literally & Figuratively

I teach a lot. It's what I do and I love it. And in order to get all my students their lessons each week and to treat everyone fairly, I have implemented a payment & cancellation policy.


Payment & Cancellation Policy:   All lessons must be pre-paid; I will send you an invoice with a link to Paypal so you can use your credit card or your PayPal account. For tutoring I only accept PayPal payments. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of tutoring session or it will count as a no-show and you will forfeit that lesson. If you are 15 minutes late or more starting your session, it counts as a no-show. Emergencies and chronic cancellations (3 or more cancellations in any consecutive, 3-month period) will be handled on a case-by-case basis and decided at my discretion.


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German Tutoring

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