German Diction Coachings for Singers



German has some tricky consonants and vowels and it can be a challenge. When you know how to execute the sounds correctly, you can then free up that energy to channel it into your performance.

Here you will learn:

  • how to use your articulators (lips, teeth, tongue) to correctly and authentically produce Germanic sounds
  • how to modify sounds so they stay authentic
  • grammatical explanations
  • cultural insights into the text and its use

I very much believe that German diction, cultural understanding, and language skills go hand-in-hand to help you create the most emotionally effective performance you can possibly perform.


You recieve a "positive correction," not criticism

This is also known as the "positivity sandwich," so first I'll tell you honestly what you're doing well. I'll follow it up with the next step you need to take, and then I'll affirm what you've improved. This is a vital process for improving your skills--I want to help build you up!


David noticed this in his coaching and he says:

Working with Nicole is so pleasant! During lessons, she made me feel comfortable with making mistakes and was super supportive. She catches onto both big issues and the tiniest pronunciation problems immediately AND is amazing at getting you to pronounce things correctly! Also, during our lessons she sprinkles in extra knowledge like cultural context and direct translations which made for a fun and fulfilling lesson time. Nicole coached me for a regional competition where I sang a German song. All of the notes for that particular song said that the pronunciation was exceptional! I absolutely contribute that to Nicole’s amazing teaching! ~David T., St. Paul, MN


5 things to know about Nicole:

My professional life began with me singing as a mezzo-soprano but after moving to Germany, I discovered I have a lot of language skills that had been underutilized. I'm back in the US and I'm still a professional, classical singer, but I sing mainly German concert & oratorio and I teach a whole lot of German. Read on for more:

  1. I have over 20 years of experience in performing everything from Bach to Mendelssohn and back to Bach. (Seriously, I sing a lot of Bach.)
  2. I'm certified to teach English as a Foreign Language and I'm currently finishing my certification to teach German as a Foreign Language.
  3. By the end of 2017 I'll have reached 3,000 hours of foreign language teaching experience.
  4. From 2003 to 2008 I lived in Germany, traveled widely, and sang with the Gächinger-Kantorei, in addition to solo engagements.
  5. I have an M.M. in Classical Voice from the Manhattan School of Music and a B.A. in Music Performance with a concentration in voice from Augsburg College (now University).

You can read more about my singing here.


You have two coaching options:

Live Coaching

Email Coaching

  • 30-minute coaching
  • via Skype
  • can be with you OR with your pianist/teacher
  • limited availability Tuesday - Friday
  • $26 via Paypal
  • you submit a recording (video or audio) of your piece
  • I write out points you're doing well and how to improve other points
  • everything takes place via email.
  • flexible availability
  • $26 via Paypal

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    Christina had a coaching and she says:

    "Nicole is a great teacher! She was very knowledgable and took my German diction to a whole new level. Not only was she aware of nuances that only native German speakers use but she was also able to provide a translation and an interpretation of the German words that Google translate cannot supply. In addition, she is a highly skilled singer herself and provided insight into how to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the words and the musicality of the German song I was singing. Overall, she was supportive, friendly, and very clear but most importantly, positive. She gave me the confidence I needed to fully embrace the German in the piece. I highly recommend her for all of your German diction needs!!" ~Christina I., St. Paul, MN



    All coachings must be paid in advance. A 24-hour cancellation period applies. No refunds.


    German Diction Coaching

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