Was lesen Sie am Wochenende?

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Gefahr am Strand Cover

Lesen Sie eine Zeitschrift?

Oder lesen Sie einen Krimi?

Have you ever tried reading a book in German? If not, then I've got a wonderful suggestion for you.

"Gefahr am Strand" is a 30-page book written in German at an A1 (beginner's) level. Each chapter is 1-3 pages long and the whole story takes place in Sankt Peter-Ording, a popular vacation destination for Germans.

Here's the description from the back cover:

"Toni, 15, freut sich riesig auf die Sommerferien. Er möchte mit seinen Freunden am Strand von Sankt Peter-Ording surfen. Und dann das! Christina, seine Cousine aus München, kommt nach Norddeutschland. Eines Abends kommt es in der Nordsee zu einer gefährlichen Situation."

If you can read and understand this description, you will love the book!

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Zuerst: lesen

First everyone purchases/downloads the book and reads it. (Download the book from Amazon here. (Affiliate link.)) While you read you look up vocabulary words you don't know and then write down your questions for our first meeting. By the time you're done you'll surely have a feeling of accomplishment from having read an entire book in German. Das ist toll!

Dann treffen wir uns

Then we meet online and have a blast talking about the story and the characters, answering one another's questions, and everyone speaks German at their level. It's really quite a supportive and fun group of people!

Danach gibt es Hausaufgaben

At the end of the first meeting I assign a bit of homework which I've created just for you! Sometimes you have to look up a German restaurant menu and find a dish. Other times you learn more vocab with a crossword puzzle. And sometimes you get an online Schnitzeljagd - an online scavenger hunt!

Zum Schluss treffen wir uns wieder

Then we meet a second time and check/discuss the homework. It's incredible what people discover during this process and how well they are able to understand the story and talk about it. That's probably why Kelly said this about Buchgemeinschaft:


"Book Club is a super enhancement to my German practice!

I learn a ton with every text I read!" ~Kelly


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Lesen Sie mit!



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