Introducing: Buchgemeinschaft - German Book Club!

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Buchgemeinschaft A1 level book club German learners beginnersNow that you know what "A1" means on your book it's time to know that there are more resources available for you to learn German at your current level.

Welcome to


a new, A1 level book club

for German learners

This book club is for beginners, A1 learners, people who are re-learning German. Yes, this means YOU!
A handful of clients and I developed the format and they *loved* it. First everyone purchased the book and read it and made flashcards where necessary. This first book was "Der Schatz von Hiddensee," which I mentioned here. It's a short, 32-page book at an A1 level that mixes real pictures of places in Germany with a fictional story about that area, in this case the island of Hiddensee.
Then we met for one hour and discussed the book and everyone had time to ask questions. The participants shared their insights and a few fun facts no one else knew about--in particular the Bielefeld-Verschwörung (I had to laugh about that one, because I've been to Bielefeld!). Then I gave some homework which was searching on Google earth for places mentioned in the book, a crossword puzzle, and some additional writing.
We met for a second time and reviewed the information and discussed how each person's understanding of the book grew because they each read the book several times. It was remarkable!

Here's what two clients in book club said:

"I really learned a lot from this book because it uses words multiple times. It was easy to learn the word "langweilig" because it appears in the book often. The first time I read it for content and meaning, but the second time I had more enjoyment because I was reading more for pleasure. It went faster!" ~Michele


"Book Club is a super enhancement to my German practice! I learn a ton with every text I read!" ~Kelly

Some of the participants are pretty new to German and have only had lessons for about nine months. Others have had lessons for a couple of years and they, too, got so much out of book club! It's a very supportive environment where everybody gets a chance to speak.

The first Buchgemeinschaft begins next week on Tuesday, April 3rd. Lesen Sie mit!

Read about Buchgemeinschaft and register.


 P.S. This is only the beginning...Book Club is a part of the Speaking Seminars I'm beginning to offer this year. It's especially for those of you who want to work on your German but don't have time for a class or lessons. You're sure to have a take-away from each meeting.

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