What A Man

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Meine Film Empfehlung What a Man auf NetflixNetflix Streaming offers an ever-widening variety of German films and they stream with English subtitles, which is one of my most-recommended ways to learn German, second only to watching a German movie with German subtitles. One movie popped up in "Random Picks":  the rom-com What A Man.

Teacher Alex has a girlfriend named Cora, who walks out on him, and he takes a hilarious adventure to find himself, accompanied by friends Nele and Okke. It's a story you've seen before, however not like this! Plus, the film is set in Frankfurt, known for its sky-scrapers and scenic walkways long the Rhein River and that is exactly the feast for the eyes that you get in the first 20 minutes of the movie.

What a Man is rated R. There is a lot of slang and 'Umgangssprache,' so be prepared to hear some vulgar German.

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