Elif - 200 Tage Sommer

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Here's a pretty standard German pop song "200 Tage Sommer," from the singer Elif.

A few words to help you understand it:

kriegen = to get (slang)

Ich kriege dich nicht aus meinem Kopf = I can't get you out of my head.

Du machst mein Leben etwas leichter = You make my life a bit lighter.

wiedersehen = to see each other again

So here's a mini German music lesson for you:

1. Watch the video and listen to the song 3 times and see how much you can understand (using the text above to help you).


Haben Sie es 3 Mal geschaut? Wirklich drei mal? OK!


2. Now check your understanding against the full song lyrics (opens in a new window).

3. Listen to the song again with the full lyrics and follow along. Sing along if you can!


Extra challenge:  Can you listen to the song and write out the lyrics? See how much you can write out without looking at the full song lyrics.


How have you used music to help you learn German? Comment below with your favorite song for German learning!

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