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cup-and-saucerGermans have a deep love for coffee. They drink coffee in the morning with breakfast, sometimes with second breakfast, and again in the afternoon, especially when there is cake available. They like their coffee roasted dark, brewed strong, and served hot. Remember to offer coffee cream and sugar!

For Americans, German coffee is frequently very strong, perhaps too strong. For other Americans, we finally get a great cup of joe.

American coffee for Germans, well, that's another story. Unless it's from your local chain, the story will usually go like this one I heard once in Southern Germany:

"I was in the US for work. They gave me a cup of coffee and I could see to the bottom of the cup. I asked them if it was Texas coffee."

"What do you mean?" his hosts asked.

"Did you shoot a bean through it?"

Yeah, he was less than amused at the sorry state of colored water in his mug.

Speaking of mugs, Germans have mugs, but they drink from coffee cups--with saucers. Please, America, give up your mug and go for the cup & saucer. It is oh-so-delightful during your Sunday morning brunch.

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