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Meine Empfehlung Deutsch Perfekt“Deutsch Perfekt” is a magazine for Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF for short; in English it’s German as a Foreign Language). If you are serious about learning German and want to spend some quality time with a magazine specifically for DaF, I *highly recommend* this magazine. I've subscribed to it since the very first issue. Originally i read it with the intention of learning more German and expanding my vocabulary, however now I read it to keep up my German skills and to stay in touch with Germanic culture. DP features the three, main German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

  • There are three levels of challenge in the magazine so whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, there is plenty to read.
  • Every issue comes with a special section for youth entitled "deins!"
  • There are grammar exercises in every issue that coordinate with the articles.
  • You can order the practice guides and get more out of every issue.
  • With Deutsch Perfekt Audio you can learn songs, practice your pronunciation, and listen to native speakers reading the articles aloud while you read them. This is the kind of multi-media experience that drives the most effective learning.

There are several possibilities at different price levels for incorporating Deutsch Perfekt into your German learning:

  1. visit the website
  2. do the online exercises
  3. sign up for their free, weekly newsletter (look for the box that says "Gratis: Newsletter," enter your email address & click "bestellen")
  4. order the magazine as a hard copy or as an ePaper
  5. order the CDs
  6. order the practice guides
  7. or any combination of the magazine, CDs, and practice guides

IF YOU WANT TO ORDER 4 MAGAZINES WITH THE AUDIO CD, I have a special form that will get you the 4-month subscription for EUR 52,90 + EUR 10,00 for airmail (price from 2011). This offer is only good through when I submit it for you and it is NOT self-renewing. Email me at admin(at) for more.

Viel Spaß!

Eure Nicole