Video: The "Ich-Laut"

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Learn how to pronounce the "Ich-Laut" in German!How to Pronounce the Ich Laut in German

The Ich-Laut can be tough for English speakers to pronounce because it's not a part of English...or is it? Ladies and Gentlemen, we *do* have the Ich-Laut in English--it's just hidden!

In this video on how to pronounce the Ich-Laut, I show you where to find that hidden "ch" sound in English and then I guide you through a couple of exercises to help you pronounce this sound in German.

The most important factor is that you take the time to find it, and to train the muscles in your mouth to create this sound when you want to create it. Take it step-by-step, practice it slowly, then at a medium pace, and then speed it up to a regular pace.

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