Tschüss, 10er-Karte!

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Learn German Online with Nicole has scrapped the 10er-Karte in favor or a regular payment process. Your Schnupperstunde stays the same--60 minutes for $30, but now you pay a regular tuition payment and you choose either monthly or quarterly.

So after your Schnupperstunde, when you sign up for German lessons, your initial tuition payment is for 2 months:  your first month of lessons and your last month of lessons (that could be in 4 months, that could be 4 years from now). (I require a 30-day notice if you are going to stop taking lessons, thus I request the last month's tuition up-front.)

You can pay monthly or quarterly with a credit card (via PayPal) or by check and you can start at any time--because you get 44 lessons in a 12-month period.

There is no registration fee, there are no hidden costs. You buy the book, pay your tuition, and we meet online for your lessons. Das ist alles!

Predictable, budget-friendly German learning. Das ist ja super!

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