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23 Jun 2017 09:00
Save Over $200 on German Lessons

New German clients can save over $200 on their first three months of lessons when they sign up between now and August 15, 2017.*

GermanWithNicole.com offers private German lessons for individuals and small groups in an easy-to-use online classroom. You can be at home, at the cabin, or at the library and have your German lesson.

You’ll use books [ ... ]

Deutsch lernen / Learn German
16 Jun 2017 12:26
Secure Surfing is Here at GermanWithNicole.com

Secure browsing is becoming more and more important every day. Now you can browse securely here at GermanWithNicole.com!

This morning I had secure browsing added to my website so you can browse securely and privately. You shouldn't notice anything different while reading the site, but you will notice a difference in the URL bar. When you visit this [ ... ]

Nachrichten / News
08 Jun 2017 19:04
Found at ALDI: Death & Life

If you've been hanging around this blog for a while, which some of you have, you'll know how excited I get when it's German week at ALDI. Apparently it just was, but I missed it, as there was no more regular Frischkäse when I arrived, only the Meerrettich kind, which I don't like. Schade.

This week I did a huge Einkaufstour and went to ALDI [ ... ]

Kultur / Culture & Reisen / Travel