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19 Feb 2019 14:27
Recap: German, the Language of Love

Dienstag Abend war es so weit! Und es hat so viel Spaß gemacht.

Tuesday evening was it! And it was so fun!

This was the first Sprechseminar (speaking seminar) and it was a blast! If you're thinking about joining us for a future Sprechseminar, this will give you a behind-the-scenes look that I hope will inspire you to join us in the future.

First [ ... ]

Deutsch lernen / Learn German
08 Feb 2019 15:31
3 Ways to Say You're in Love in German ♥

"Alte Liebe rostet nicht" say the Germans. Old love doesn't rust.

Neither does new love!

So how do you say you're in love in German? Germans don't fall in love. (Because who wants to fall, anyway?! Ouch.)

Here are a few standard ways of saying you're in love with someone as well as a couple of slang ways of saying it.

If you're not quite ready for [ ... ]

Deutsch lernen / Learn German
29 Jan 2019 06:00

Love is French, right? Nein!

Love is every language, every culture, every country.

Even German.

On February 12th you can attend my very first Sprechseminar (speaking seminar) entitled "German: The Language of Love" and you can learn that German has its own, wonderful ways of expressing love.

I'm putting in a few pet names you definitely won't hear [ ... ]

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